Bracke-Advocatuur The Hague | The law firm

logo van de Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten logo van de Afdeling Geschillencommissie Advocatuur logo van de Vereniging voor Familie- en JeugdrechtThe law firm “Bracke-Advocatuur” is located in the Statenkwartier in The Hague.
The firm is characterized by professionalism, commitment and heart for your business.
The client base consists of both entrepreneurs and private clients.

Good legal assistance

Good legal assistance needs to be accessible to everyone. The approach of Bracke-Advocatuur is personal, honest and efficient.
Bracke-Advocatuur can be regarded as an experienced partner in legal aid.

Legal area´s

The law firm can adequately and flexibly give you counseling and assist you in legal procedures.
Bracke-Advocatuur covers the following legal area´s :

  • persons and family law,
  • employment law (dismissal),
  • liability and insurance law,
  • contract law,
  • tenancy law,
  • direct debit (cash advances) and recovery procedures of driving licenses (CBR and also magistrate).

General legal practice

The law firm operates a general practice, so also in other legal jurisdictions you can get counseling and assistance.


Bracke Advocacy is a member of the following (industry) organizations:

  • NOVA (Dutch Bar Association)
  • FJR (Association for Family and Juvenile)
  • Disputes Advocatuur (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur)